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Oil-free hydraulic fluids for environmental protection and improved performance

Thinking sustainability through to the end - especially in the mountains

Mountains, nature, fresh air, clear water: this is the image that many visitors to the mountains take home from their vacations in their minds and in photos.  The inhabitants of the fragile landscape have been aware for many years that they must enter into a coexistence with nature. This insight is also being consolidated among guests from the lowlands. The issue of sustainability and preservation of creation, the environment and nature is becoming increasingly important for the preservation of the mountain worlds, but also for tourism and the economy. 

But what does sustainability mean for each of us? How must and can I change my own behavior in order to contribute to more sustainability? I can take my garbage back with me, stay on the designated paths and use the designated ski slopes. Is it possible to do more than that? I could travel by train and use local public transport.

What do companies in this region do to protect the natural landscape of the Alps, which is absolutely worthy of preservation? The idea of a circular economy is being implemented with vigor in some places. 

Nevertheless, the devil is in the detail and there are now niche solutions for this. The company Fluid-Competence GmbH has now adapted its decades of experience with hydraulic fluids from mining in the Ruhr area for many other areas of application: Pisten bullssnow groomer, agricultural machines and mountain railroadscable cars can be operated with hydraulic fluids, based on water without water-based oil. This concept has been proven itself for some twenty years and has been consistently implemented and improved by the company in Kamen, Westphalia, since 2012. 

Because: also around thein mechanical engineering a rethinking begins. Companies are increasingly thinking about alternative drives, but also about and replacing potentially hazardous substances with less hazardous substances, right down to the operating materials of machines and vehicles. But after buying these machines, every company with a hydraulic system is also the operator of this system. There too, considerations are being made to become more environmentally friendly and efficient, for instance, by using oil-free hydraulic fluids.

"We come from the mining industry and twenty years ago we created the basis for ensuring that the environment in the Ruhr area is not further polluted, at least not by hydraulic oil. Our drive has always been to develop an environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid with excellent technical values. We have succeeded in doing so. At the same time, Fluid-Competence's hydraulic fluids are also harmless to people and are very flame-resistant," says Dieter Mantwill, Managing Director of Fluid-Competence GmbH. 

"I am a child of the „Ruhr area“ and have myself worked in mining for decades. I was involved in the development of the water-based hydraulic fluid from the very beginning. Today I commute between Füssen and the Ruhr area and I am sure that the people and nature deserve a clean and safe environment not only in these two regions". 

Everyone knows this picture of a drop of oil that manages to contaminate hundreds of liters of water. This image was the driving force behind the development of alternative hydraulic fluids without water-based mineral oil, and this in a region that for decades was characterized by the coal and steel industry and which now wanted and still wants to become greener and more environmentally friendly. Fluid-Competence GmbH developed fluids for operating hydraulic systems in the mining industry of the Ruhr area, replacing . As a replacement for hydraulic fluids based on mineral oil. AfterBesides mining, they are also successfully used in the steel and aluminum industry and in agriculture. The fields of application are manifold. Wherever people have to work in a protected environment, where the technology of hydraulic fluids demands a lot, and in sensitive environments, the company's products can fully exploit their potential. 

The customers of the innovative company use the hydraulic fluids at home and abroain a variety of diverse regionsd. Even in inhospitable zones, in Mongolia, in dusty or extremely hot regions, the fluids of Fluid-Competence reliably do their duty. Meanwhile, there are first manufacturers who equip their machines exclusively with hydraulic fluids without oil. People and the environment thank them.

Of course, many applications can also be implemented without oil in mountainous regions. Hydraulic systems can be found in many places and also on machines that drive through sensitive regions, in snow groomers piste bullis, cable cars, forestry tools, forklifts. The applications of Fluid-Competence thus contribute to environmental protection but also to outstanding technical performance and occupational safety. 

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