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Ikon Pass announces current plan that reservations for lift access will not be necessary


Most Ikon Pass destinations do not require reservations at this time for lift access to the 38 North American Ikon Pass destinations for winter 20/21. While these unprecedented times and rapidly evolving circumstances may cause plans to change without notice, currently most Ikon Pass destinations feel confident they can elevate the guest experience and eliminate the need for lift access reservations by addressing social distancing concerns through other operational changes.

In order to provide priority access to Ikon Pass holders, many destinations will temporarily regulate or eliminate a number of day ticket products in order to control resort visitation levels and avoid overcrowding. Access at Ikon Pass destinations will vary. For more details, visit Ikon Pass.

The health and safety of all guests and employees is a top priority for all Ikon Pass destinations and each will help minimize the risk of contagion by following all local and federal health and safety protocols. All guests should check with each destination prior to arrival to learn about face covering requirements, social distancing, and cleanliness and disinfection protocols and any other requirements that might impact their visit.

Ikon Pass is committed to communicating inevitable changes to all plans as soon as possible so Ikon Pass holders can adjust and plan accordingly. Visit for more details.

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