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CWSAA: January 2021 Newsletter

Message from Christopher Nicolson

The COVID safety protocols that ski areas across the west have developed, implemented, and enforced are the primary reason lifts remain turning in our industry.  In each jurisdiction, health authorities remain confident in their effectiveness to avoid transmission.  It is imperative that we remain hyper diligent to their enforcement, and continue to be nimble and adapt to any changing circumstance.  Transmission in communities continues, and many areas have faced questions on  things like photos of line ups.  Part of industry diligence is staying in contact with your health officials and helping them understand our operations.  For example the many safety protocols in place (eg: indoor capacity, lift procedures) create lines, and spacing and face coverings ensure the safety of any outdoor queue.  Most health authorities have shared that their primary interest is well managed spacing, face covering, and behaviour in a line, not the fact a line exists. 

This operational mantra is replicated in the regulatory world.  As COVID evolves and health authorities respond, CWSAA has stayed closely connected to officials so that industry can quickly adjust as needed and continue to serve communities with safe outdoor activity.  This intense effort has the fluidity of water and has no rhythm.  It varies in each jurisdiction.  The work has been greatly aided by the CWSAA Board of Directors, ski area working groups in each jurisdiction, and particularly our Chair Andy Cohen.  On behalf of the entire industry, we applaud and thank each of them for their dedication.

Many ski areas are now half-way through their season.  I will take a moment to highlight that self care is more critical that ever for both our teams and leaders.  The extra workload and pressure of the last eleven pandemic months, plus the normal season ramp up for the 19/20 season has meant a duration of fifteen months of relentless pressure for operators.  Many now see a light at the end of the tunnel, remember to look after yourselves for the duration.  We are all looking forward to sharing a communal congratulations at the end of this journey.


2021 Spring Conference coming Online
Mark your calendars April 26-30, 2021
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Passenger Ropeways Courses
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Places & Faces
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