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Mountain Sites continue to diversify with the support of MND

MND: To make the desire to escape accessible to all, Dracénie Provence Verdon agglomeration has entrusted MND LEISURE with the realization of a 70-meter long himalayan footbridge which completes a unique and panoramic stroll above the Nartuby Gorges. To optimize the attractiveness of destinations in all seasons, a range of complementary services has been developed to support all phases of projects, such as in Valberg, in the Mercantour massif, where the two Alpine Slide slopes have been completely renovated.THE MAIN CHALLENGE FOR MND LEISURE: CREATING A FOUR-SEASON LEISURE EXPERIENCE.

Facilitating connections, ensure snow, securing ski areas or diversifying activities… in recent months, all of the teams of the French industrial group MND have remained mobilized despite the health context to meet these key challenges for mountain areas. In total, nearly 100 installations have been commissioned in all mountain areas throughout the world to support the development and contribute to the attractiveness of winter and summer destinations.

Discovering destinations in both summer and winter, practicing a sport or leisure activity that provides constantly renewed sensations, experiencing a unique moment with family or friends and reaching an ever-wider audience are key development issues for territories. In 2020, the teams installed giant zip lines in Autrans-Méaudre in Isère and at the Col de la Faucille in Mijoux.

In China, the city of Canton has also chosen to reinvent urban leisure activities, with the installation of a unique attraction in the heart of the famous and dizzying Canton Tower, one of the most spectacular buildings in the world. Opening in early 2021, this attraction was designed, manufactured and installed in 18 months by MND LEISURE with several acrobatic courses and a Skywalk at more than 300 meters. Named Landmark Alpha, this new tourist attraction is expected to welcome more than 2 million visitors each year.

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