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enrope GmbH - Innovative retraction device for T-bar lifts

25 years ago, Peter Glasl, as a young engineer, had already invented a magnetic brake for towing plate retraction devices. For decades, ropeway manufacturers have used the patent and convinced operators as well as passengers with it. With thousands of units in the field, a new state of the art was defined here.

In the meantime, Peter and Anton Glasl are successful with their own company enrope GmbH and use their many years of experience to develop sustainable concepts and solutions for small ropeways. As an innovation, the brothers are now launching a retraction device for T-bar lifts with a significantly further developed eddy current brake, thus achieving several goals at once:
  • Powerful pull-in to quickly clear the entry area.
  • Comfortable jerk-free acceleration of skiers and snowboarders.
  • Fast reeling in without the risk of rollover.
  • Super controlled threading of the T-bar.
  • Wear-free and therefore maintenance-free action of the brake.
In addition, the environmental concept in particular is gaining in importance for many ropeways. The new product therefore does completely without brake lining fine dust or dripping brake fluid.

Series production is now running at full speed and a notified body has already been entrusted with certification. This means that the feeder can be used both in new installations and for retrofits.

And perhaps the best thing about the innovative brake is that it can be retrofitted as an insert on almost all Doppelmayr, Garaventa, Loipolder and Reiter retractable units. Here, enrope GmbH remains true to the principle of sustainability...

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