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Enrope: Rescue for small ski lift

Actually, the volunteers have already given up on the partial reconstruction of their 50-year-old ski lift Péra in Trun. Thanks to ENROPE, however, the smallest ski area in Graubünden is now getting a modern surface lift.

For 50 years, volunteers have been running the Runal Péra micro ski area as Skilifte Péra AG. it consists of a small T-bar lift and a ski slope, which are mainly used by children, families and senior citizens from the local area.

Half a century later, the old technology, regulations and safety aspects are now forcing a general renovation of the facility. Although the lift covers its operating costs, investments are difficult for the voluntary operators.

Study recommended “renovation plus

“A complete new construction would be too expensive and would not bring any added value; a renovation would in turn pose complicated legal problems and require the relocation of individual supports,” Bruno Pfister, Vice President of Skilifte Péra AG, describes the results of the study and strategy process.

That is why the operators decided on a partial new construction, in which the bottom and top stations are moved by a new building – but not the supports.

“Thanks to Enrope’s offer, this variant is the best and most cost-effective way forward,” Pfister is pleased to say. With its LUIS lift, the German ropeway manufacturer had offered an optimal solution with the best price-performance ratio at the same time.”

New magnetics hangers

In concrete terms, Enrope is supplying and installing the ropeway technology for the stations, the rope, new roller batteries, and new hangers. The supports are being retained, and the control system comes from the Tscharner company, with whom the micro ski area has a long relationship.

“I am particularly pleased about the new, uniform hangers. Because over the course of 50 years we’ve had a general shop of different ropeways hanging from the rope,” says Pfister.

But Enrope’s hangers will not only be uniform, they will also be innovative. “Our new magnetic hanger will be used on the Péra ski lift,” says Managing Director Peter Glasl happily.

In addition, the T-bar lift will be equipped with the innovative retraction device with customised eddy current brake.

Crowdfunding launched

In order to finance the “renovation plus”, Skilifte Péra AG is dependent on donations. That’s why the lift lovers have started a crowdfunding and are looking forward to any support.

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