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Gunstock: Whats Happening this Summer!

Gunstock has already begun the project that will include theinstallation of a new lift, expansion of the terrain for beginner and noviceskiers and riders, and enhancements to novice terrain in the PistolComplex.  The trees have been cut, with earth work beginning as soon asground conditions allow. Snowmaking improvements will happen over the summer with a 66% increase in capacity.

 New Chair Lift:

  • The lift will be a 1,207 foot long fixed grip quad.
  • It is designed for beginners, running at slower speeds (440 feet per minute; 9.6 seconds interval between chairs) and is not planned to be too high off the ground.
  • Fully loaded, the lift will unload 1500 people per hour.
  • The base of the new lift will be next to the Gunshy base (on the left side as you look up hill).
  • The top terminal will be located immediately north of the Stonebar trail (off to the left, about 2/3 of the way as you ski down Stonebar).
  • The lift will operate until 4PM daily.  During night operations, the Gunshy lift will operate.

New Trail Network:

  • Four new trails will be accessible from the new lift.
  • The length of the longest new trail will be 1,686 feet from unload to load.   As a comparison, Try Me is 1,080 feet in length from unload to load.
  • The average grade of the new trails is 13%, which is the approximate grade of the Peepsite and Try Me trails.
  • The new trails will connect to Lower Stonebar, cross the existing Misfire trails in 3 locations and connect to Try Me and Peepsite.  Please refer to the attached map for your convenience.
  • The new area will be separated from the rest of the mountain with earth, tree barriers or other means.  This is done to allow for a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere for novice skiers and riders.
  • Snowmaking capabilities will be installed for all of the new trails.

Pistol Complex:

  • Snowmaking capabilities will be added to Sidearm and Out of Sight, and enhanced in the Blundersmoke Park complex.
  • Sections of Sidearm will be widened by approximately 50 feet creating more space for novice skiers and riders, and making for more suitable teaching terrain.
  • The character of Out of Sight will not change, allowing us to retain the old New England trail design and feel.
  • Out intention right now is to add a “beginner” glades in the tree-line between Side Arm and Out of Sight.  This will be a natural snow trail providing a progression for the more adventurous and offering some spectacular views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

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