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Cardrona/NZ: New for 2010 The Valley View Quad

Phase one - summer 2009/10

  • Valley View Quad chairlift installation
    • Former Captains fixed grip quad chairlift being relocated to open up more terrain, extending below the Whitestar Express down to Speed Straight
  • FIS homologated downhill course
  • A 40 metre tunnel will feature on the Comeback trail
  • An additional carpark at the base of the lift for easy access to the Valley View Quad


  • Now 4 quad chairs - more chairlifts than any other South Island mountain
  • More intermediate and advanced terrain than previously
  • 600m vertical (formerly 390)
  • 345 hectares (formerly 320)
  • FIS homologated downhill trail
  • Tunnel provides uninterrupted access from Captains basin to the Whitestar lift during race events on the new downhill course - runs will stay open during races

Phase two - summer 2010/11

  • Further groundwork to develop trails
  • Install snowmaking to service Valley View terrain


  • Valley View chairlift and the terrain it accesses will be open more days of the 2011 season because of increased snowmaking
  • Snow coverage will be increased with the installation of snowmaking in the area

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Valley View Quad a new chairlift?
No.  The former Captains quad fixed grip lift is being relocated.

Will the Valley View Quad be open every day?
The Valley View Quad will run subject to weather and snow conditions.

How do I find out whether the Valley View Quad is running?
Daily snow reports online at, on the snow phone and on the radio each morning will advise whether the lift is running.

When the Valley View lift is not running will the carpark be open?
The new carpark facility will be open on days when the Valley View lift is running.  Other days it is best to use the upper carparks.

Will lift passes be cheaper on days when the Valley View Quad is not running?
A lift pass covers any and all lifts that are running on any given day.  The addition of this lift has not changed the lift ticket prices; therefore there will be no decrease in price when the Valley View Quad is not running.

Why is snowmaking not being installed during phase one?
Running the lift subject to snow/weather for a season before we install snowmaking will enable us to evaluate snowfall and terrain aspects.  This way developments can be made based on 2010 observations.  The phase two developments will enhance the slopes and ensure effective snowmaking operations are implemented.

Will there be ticketing/base facilities at the bottom of the Valley View lift?
There will be a pass holders' carpark at the base of the lift.  Anyone who does not hold a valid day pass or season pass will still need to go to the ticket office at the main base building to arrange their passes.

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