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Bridger Bowl has officially decided to replace the current Alpine lift , a 1967 Riblet double chair, with two SkyTRAK triple chair lifts with ChairKid loading carpets lifts to better serve the Alpine terrain pod. Both of the new lifts will originate from the same general location as the current Alpine Chair. Increased lift capacity, reliability and comfort to some of Bridgers best intermediate, lower intermediate and beginner terrain is the primary goal. Both chairs will also have loading carpets as are now found on several other of our lifts. The New Alpine Lift #1 will veer to the south of the current Alpine lift line and terminate below the north end of the North Bowl. This lift will serve intermediate terrain such as Powder Park Run, Powder Puff, Powder Hog and Baby Bear. The New Alpine Lift #2 will veer to the north of the current lift and terminate at the top of Montagne's Meadow. This lift will provide easy access to some of our best beginner, lower intermediate and intermediate terrain including Montagne's Meadow, Porcupine Run, Limestone, and Bobcat. One of the major reasons for the positioning of these two lifts is to move the lifts, as well as beginner and intermediate skiers and boarders, away from the avalanche paths found at and around the top terminal of the current Alpine lift. The current lift lines have already been cut for these two new lifts. This will be a major capital improvement for Bridger Bowl and will help vastly improve the beginner and intermediate skiing and riding experience on the mountain for years to come. Work on the two new lifts will commence as soon as conditions permit this spring and will be planned for opening this fall of 2013.

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