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STM / Turkey: New project - Antakya 8 MGD

STM presents its new project with pride. Thanks to its cosmopolite structure, Antakya welcomes a great number of tourists for religious purposes every year. This wonderful city, playing a significant role in the history of Turkish Republic, has trusted STM for its prestigious Gondola Project.
The new ropeway system to be operated between city center and the Habib-i Neccar Mountain will be ready for public use in the summer of 2013. The constructions works are still ongoing and the assembly of the towers and the line equipments will be started next month.

Horizontal Length: 1055m
Inclined Lengt : 1130m
Travel Time: 3 min. 46 sc.
Number of Towers: 7
Number of carriers: 26
Engine Power: 250kW
Garaging: Automatic
Capacity: 1200 PPHPD

Project Partners
Carvatech - 8 Person Gondolas
Redaelli - Steel Wire Rope 6x26 WS + SFC
Siemens - Automation System

STM offers the highest quality standards and safety level conforming to the state of art technology. Since 2005, STM designs, produces and builds ropeways according to 2000/9/EC and they are certificated by notified bodies before public use.

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