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Snowbird: New Gad 2 Chairlift

In the summer of 2013 Snowbird’s original Gad2 Chairlift will be taken out and replaced with a new high-speed quad. The new Gad2 will follow the same path and use the same tower locations as the old chairlift but feature a much shorter trip time.

Chairlift Facts

4.3-minute ride (old lift was 7.9 min)
63 quad chairs (old lift had 134 double chairs)
1,800 riders per hour (old lift was 1200 rph)
8 sec loading interval (old lift was 6 sec)
Powered by a single 535HP drive
4016.9 linear feet
1241.5 ft vertical rise
Installed by Doppelmayer USA

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Picture Gallery / Construction Diary:

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