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Sugar Mountain Resort: New detachable, six passenger chairlift

Expect to ride to Sugarís 5,300 foot peak in five minutes next season. The installation of a Doppelmayr high speed, detachable, six passenger chairlift began early spring and is expected to be completed in time for opening day of the 2015-16 winter season.

ďThe new six pack means added comfort for our customers, shorter lift lines and more time on the slopes,Ē explained Sugar Mountain Resortís President, Gunther Jochl.

The existing Summit #1 lift will be refurbished and relocated to the bottom of Guntherís Way providing access to the mountainís peak. Summit #2 lift will be shortened to the upper mid-point for beginners and/or an alternate access route to Sugarís north side servicing Lower Flying Mile, Easy Street, Easy Street Extension, Guntherís Way, Little Nell, and Tiny Tim. The new lift systemís architecture will streamline traffic flow and increase capacity by 2,000 people per hour.

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