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Cable Car project in Gothenburg / Sweden

The City of Gothenburg Traffic & Public transport Authority is planning the construction of a cable car system that will convey passengers across the river Göta Älv as part of the city transit network
  • A tri-cable system with a detachable grip that would allow the use of large gondolas that offer good wind stability
  • Gondolas that stop completely for 2 x 20 seconds for smoother entry and exit
  • Vertical clearance across the Göta Älv river of at least 45 metres, which would mean 75-metre-high towers on either side of the river
  • Passenger capacity of around 3,000 standing passengers per hour in both directions
  • A new gondola would arrive every 45 seconds
  • Each gondola would have space for 25-30 standing passengers or a smaller number if there was a mixture of seated passengers, wheelchairs, prams or bicycles
  • The depot for the gondolas would not be located at the southern station (Järntorget)
  • The travelling speed would be six metres per second or approximately 22 kilometres per hour
The cable car line will be approximately 3 kilometres long and will run from Järntorget in central Gothenburg through stations at Lindholmen and Lundby to Wieselgrensplatsen on Hisingen Island. The system will use a tri-cable construction to maximize wind stability and make it possible to operate the line even in strong winds. The line should have a capacity of at least 2,000 passengers per direction and hour, permit a frequency of at least one gondola per minute, and have a traveling speed of 18–25 kph.

A timetable for the project has not yet been drawn up, but the line should open for normal service in June 2021 to celebrate the 400-year jubilee of the City of Gothenburg.

This will be a ‘turnkey' (design and build) project combined with an extensive collaboration between the contracting parties, where the contractor will be involved at a very early stage.

The project will be divided into two major phases:

1. The contractor will work with the contracting authority to complete the feasibility study begun by the Traffic & Public transport Authority in 2016 and will draw up the necessary preliminary designs. This work should set a target price for the detailed design and construction of the cable car system.The contractor will draw up the detailed design and build the cable car system.

2. Phase 2 will be an option in the contract, to be triggered by the contracting authority when and if the Gothenburg City Council commits to investing in the project and all necessary administrative decisions and other permits have been secured.

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