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Oakland Athletics: Gondola from downtown Oakland to Howard Terminal

Gondola would offer a viable transportation solution to our new ballpark at Howard Terminal. The route would take fans from near the Oakland Convention Center/12th Street BART Station to Water Street at Jack London Square. The ride is approximately three minutes and can move 6,000 individuals per hour per direction. The gondola system will be a zero-emission transit line.

An Innovative Transportation Solution

Enhanced Circulation And Reduced Neighborhood Impacts
  • Faster than street level traffic; three and a half minute ride, moving up to 6,000 individuals per hour per direction
  • Safer than individual traffic 
  • Less obtrusive for cargo and cruise ship traffic
  • Flexible placement for urban planning
  • Reliable and well-tested technology
Cost Effective
  • Cheaper than a bridge or tunnel
Green/Sustainability Benefits
  • Electrically powered; can be driven by any renewable power sources available in the region
  • Will not increase or slow ground-based traffic 
  • No point-source emissions
  • Uses less energy than any other form of fixed link transportation
  • Typically has less carbon foot impact than more traditional modes of transport

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