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To improve accessibility to the Launceston Cataract Gorge for all ages and mobility. To increase tourism across the region, with a year round experience, the third gondola of its kind in the world.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience more of what the Gorge has to offer in every season. The Launceston Skyway is designed to do this by taking you on a journey above the Launceston Cataract Gorge and through the spectacular Trevallyn Reserve.

The journey

When the cabin exits the station, it will increase its speed to 1.5 metres per second and take you on a two-kilometre journey where you will travel above the ancient rock gorge in the glass gondola. You can soak up the sunshine or enjoy the shelter from the rain as you immerse yourself in the 360-degree views.

After rounding the second corner, you will travel the final span above the First Basin. On this span, you can take in the ever-changing South Esk River – maybe even in flood – as it flows towards King’s Bridge. Twenty-five minutes from when you began you will re-enter the station. Here, the gondola will detach from the haul rope and once again slow to 0.15 metres per second, so you can easily exit.

With the vision in mind, the Launceston Skyway goals are simple:

Create an experience everyone can enjoy.
Regardless of age, fitness or mobility, the Launceston Skyway will enable visitors to experience the Gorge and its spectacular surroundings.
Purely enhance the activities you already love.
You can continue to walk, run, swim, BBQ or simply relax as you do today with the added opportunity to experience the stunning scenery from a new perspective.
Offer a unique attraction to increase Launceston’s tourism and improve the economy.
No matter the season, local and international tourists can travel to Launceston to soak up the Gorge in a glass cabin. With only three of its kind in the world, the Skyway has the ability to attract tourists who may not otherwise come to Launceston and its surrounds.

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