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Kreischberg / Austria: New Kreischberg 10 passengers gondola 2021/22

The biggest investment in the Kreischberg history will be made in 2021: The gondola lift for up to 6 passengers (built in 1992) will be replaced with a new gondola lift for up to 10 passengers. This will be a 40 million Euro investment which includes the gondola lift and new buildings for valley-, middle-, and mountain stations.

This new Doppelmayr gondola lift can transport up to 4.000 people per hour from the valley to the mountain station. The old 6 passenger gondola lift is able to transport 2.000 people per hour.

Lots of preparations have been made and will soon be completed. The gondola agency has received all plans and documents. Building negotiations will be made this year still.

2021 will be a busy year for our team. Right after the end of the season on April 5th, the 6 passenger gondola lift will be taken down. Afterwards, new valley-, middle-, and mountain buildings will be constructed and finally the new gondola lift will be build. There is a strict time schedule for this project because the new gondola lift will start operating at the beginning of December 2021.

Facts and figures: New Kreischberg gondola lift for up to 10 passengers
  • Length: 3,8km
  • 903m of height difference between valley- and mountain station
  • Valley station: 868m altitude
  • Middle station: 1.441m altitude
  • Mountain station: 1.771m altitude
  • There will be 181 gondolas for up to 10 passengers
  • Capacity: 4.000 passengers per hour

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