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Doppelmayr: Innovations in the ropeway industry

On May 5, 2021, the Doppelmayr Group invited its online followers to take part in a unique event. Under the heading of “Insights – Inspired by Motion”, the global market leader in ropeway construction presented a host of new products and projects. As part of a journey around the world, the ropeway experts provided insights into the mobility created by ropeways, technical innovations and how they are developed, and, along with their customers, highlighted the special features of the individual installations.
Ropeways built by the Doppelmayr Group are in operation on snow-covered mountains, at sunny beaches and in vibrant cities around the globe. Product innovations in the areas of digitalization, ropeway technology and bicycle transport open up new possibilities for customers and passengers: Clair is the new resort management platform for resort operators, the Peak Line redefines aerial tramways and the Bike Cab is the latest solution for the efficient transport of mountain bikes. An urban flagship project is the Cablebús, which provides sustainable mobility in Mexico City.
Cablebús: The new mode of public transport for Mexico City

Since the beginning of March 2021, Mexico City residents in the Cuautepec district have been able to ride on a Doppelmayr ropeway. The connection Tlalpexco–Campos Revolución is the first leg of the Cablebús Línea 1 and gives a taste of the high-performance transport solution that will be completed in June 2021. Almost ten kilometers of ropeway and six stations will then become part of the public transport system and will give the residents of Cuautepec a direct connection to Indios Verdes, the largest transport hub in Mexico City. From there, passengers benefit from fast, convenient and barrier-free transfers to bus and metro. The modern 10-passenger gondola lift belonging to the D-Line ropeway generation is a means of transport that everyone can enjoy.
Peak Line: The innovative station concept for aerial tramways

With the Peak Line, Garaventa is presenting an innovative aerial tramway station concept in a modern design, which sets new benchmarks in terms of user friendliness and faster completion. What sets the Peak Line apart from a “conventional” tramway is the modular design system with clearly defined interfaces to planners. This makes for rapid project planning and implementation.
Bike Cab: The cabin for bike transport

Many Alpine tourist regions provide attractive offers for their guests in the summer season as well as in the winter months. Bike parks and mountain bike routes rank as major visitor magnets. The Bike Cab is the new solution for the convenient and secure transport of bicycles on gondola lifts. Eight bikes can be carried simultaneously with just one Bike Cab. Loading and unloading is performed simply and quickly by the riders themselves.
Clair: The resort management platform for resort operators

For many tourist resorts, the rapid advance of digitalization brings many benefits – particularly in terms of clarity and efficiency. The new resort management software clair gives tourist resort operators the perfect overview of their installations and systems. Ropeways, trail groomers, snowmaking equipment and service buildings are shown centrally and integrated on a user interface. The result is maximum transparency and efficiency in operations, maintenance and repairs.
For the Doppelmayr Group, the focus is always on creating added value for the customer. This gives rise to unique ropeway installations that are tailored to specific requirements. In addition to the above topics, numerous other projects were featured in Insights. These included the Eiger Express, a tricable gondola lift with a fully automatic combination of passenger and freight transport, and the first AURO ropeway, a gondola lift that operates autonomously. Thomas Pichler, executive director of Doppelmayr Holding SE, presented an outlook of what tomorrow’s mobility might look like with the Urban Future Concept. The entire event along with more detailed information can be viewed at

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