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Bartholet: Vorobyovy Gory in Moscow continues to expand

Vorobyovy Gory in Moscow is once again working with the Swiss ropeway manufacturer Bartholet Maschinenbau AG to realise another new ropeway installation. In addition to the urban combined lift with 8-seater gondolas, designed by Porsche Design Studio, and 4-seater chairs already installed in 2019, Bartholet is now building a new detachable 6-seater chairlift. The historic ski station in the heart of Moscow will thus have one more attraction.

The new chairlift will be built parallel to the existing gondola lift. The chairlift is ideal for beginners and advanced skiers alike to immerse themselves in the world of snow sports. While skiers and snowboarders enjoy the slopes, visitors can also take a leisurely sledge ride through the Russian landscape. In addition to the winter attractions, visitors can also enjoy a restaurant with a viewing platform at the top station to experience a unique view over Moscow. In summer, visitors can go cycling and enjoy a walk through the countryside. The chairs in the new facility are in the high quality "Design by Porsche Design Studio". This provides a feeling of luxury and allows guests to enjoy a ride in maximum comfort.
On the slopes of the Sparrow Hills in the Vorobyovy Gory district, the city administration and investors are jointly planning to build a large sports complex near the Moscow River. The area is located in the middle of the tourist quarter. In addition to the combined ski lift designed and manufactured by Bartholet, the sports complex also has FIS-compatible large ski jumps. The ski area meets all requirements and will be able to host both national and international competitions. This is of great importance in order to be able to organise international competitions in the centre of Moscow again after the World Cup and Olympic Winter Games in Russia. In 1980, the Summer Olympic Games were held in the former Luzhnki Stadium near the Sperlingsberg. Nevertheless, the Sperlingsberg is above all an urban nature reserve and recreation area and a quiet, shady forest in the middle of the city.
The brand new 6-seater chairlift will reach a capacity of 1,000 passengers per hour at a speed of three metres per second. The 14 chairs will be parked directly in the valley station. The length of the lift is 290 metres and it climbs a height of 54 metres. The new chairlift will open at the end of 2021.
It will offer a perfect experience for families and children to spend a day in Vorobyovy Gory and enjoy a unique riding experience in the Sperling Mountains.
Construction work in Moscow is in full swing.

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