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TechnoAlpin Snowmaster: The Management Tool to keep the start of the season on track

The often short run-up to the start of the winter season is crucial for snowmaking on the slopes. TechnoAlpin's SNOWMASTER app is the ideal solution for optimum ski area resource planning and accurate decision-making in the lead up to the start of the season. It gives managers an unrestricted overview of the planning and progress of the snowmaking processes.

Snow production can be forecast as accurately as possible based on expertise acquired over many years and meticulous calculations. Taking detailed weather forecasts into account, the SNOWMASTER app predicts the potential amount of snow to be produced and the water requirements over subsequent days. Other data such as the current snow coverage on the slope, overall progress in the snowmaking process and the anticipated achievement of the snowmaking target over the next five days are accurately displayed. It shows clearly which phase of snowmaking is currently taking place and how the resources can be best used, given the information provided in the forecasts. The app simplifies communication between the management and the snowmaking team.

Simply sign the ATASSpro update agreement to get the SNOWMASTER app still before the start of the season. This will give you the app license free of charge which can be activated immediately.

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