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NSAA: Winter shows canceled


After careful consideration, NSAA has decided to cancel the in-person Western and Eastern Winter Conferences and Tradeshows. We appreciate the guidance from our Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, and the feedback that many of you provided in last week’s survey – all of your input helped us with our decision.

Many factors were considered when making this decision. Primarily, it was your feedback regarding the very real, and in many cases critical, staffing struggles being even further exacerbated due to illness and quarantine requirements. The significant risk of infection or exposure from travel and indoor gatherings also weighed heavily in our decision. Even with Covid protocols in place, including masking and vaccinations, transmission rates are surging in many mountain communities, including Pitkin County where the Western Show was to be held. We did not want to further contribute to this spread, nor did we want to put our attendees in a position where they could possibly bring illness back to their own communities.

We understand how important in-person events are to all of our members. Although supplier registration was strong for each show, the pace of ski area registrations has been slow. While face-to-face education and networking are hard to replace, the NSAA team is developing virtual environments for both.

We thank you for understanding and for your flexibility. Please let us know if you have unanswered questions or concerns.

Kelly Pawlak
President and CEO

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