| Projects | Current | 2022-04-14

Mt. Shasta Ski Park: The New Gray Butte Lift

We are so excited to announce the Gray Butte Lift, which has been a long time in the making. The new lift will service much higher elevation, epic terrain, and access to our backcountry area.

What will the Gray Butte Lift add?
  • Fixed quad lift
  • It opens 88 acres of skiable terrain
  • 1154’ vertical rise
  • Adds 5 new runs
  • This will be our longest lift with 14 towers- a 9.5-minute ride.
  • New Longest run a little over 3 miles
  • All intermediate terrain
  • Base terminal elevation 6400’, top terminal elevation 7500’.
Project Details

The project site is in an unincorporated part of Siskiyou County near the base of Mt. Shasta, approximately six miles north of the community of McCloud. The bulk of the project is occurring on the Ski Park’s undeveloped ownership to the northeast. The project includes the development of a new ski lift and backcountry area.

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