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Summit at Snoqualmie: New Triple Chair For Hidden Valley

„We are very happy to announce that this summer we will install a new Doppelmayr triple chairlift with loading conveyor to replace the existing Hidden Valley double chair to increase capacity, provide easier loading, and significantly improve reliability. A big win for locals and families that love this unique area at The Summit.“

The new fixed-grip Doppelmayr triple chairlift will feature a height-adjustable, easy loading conveyor system similar to the systems currently in use at Summit East's Rampart Chairlift and the Holiday Chairlift at Summit Central. A height-adjustable conveyor makes loading the chair safer and easier for all skiers and snowboarders, particularly children and those newer to the sport.

Our crew has already started the removal of the old Riblet double chair, and we plan to start construction of the new lift by July. We plan to open the new triple chairlift this upcoming winter season (2022-23).

Another milestone in our plan to modernize our lift network, the new Hidden Valley Triple provides more capacity, dependability, and greatly improves access to one of most unique areas at The Summit. A big win for locals and families that love to head East on the weekends. Guy Lawrence, President & General Manager

New Triple Chairlift At A Glance
  • 1.8x
  • 1,745'
  • 571'
  • 500 Ft/Min
The new Doppelmayr triple can transport up to 1,800 skiers per hour up the mountain, nearly twice as much capacity as the old Riblet double. Not only does each chair hold an additional riders, but thanks to the efficient loading conveyor system, it can also operate at a higher speed than the old chairlift.

Why Replace & Upgrade Hidden Valley?

Summit East has become a favorite for skiers and snowboarders (snowskaters & ski bikers too!) in recent years thanks to the wide variety of terrain, potent amount of vertical, backside terrain of Hidden Valley, and of course the unique charm this little gem has on us. While the Hidden Valley lift was installed relatively recently, the lift itself is actually a combination of several old Summit East lifts (Easy Gold & Keechelus) and needs to be replaced with a new, modern, dependable lift with more uphill capacity.

We understand the replacement of Hidden Valley may come as a surprise to some. Regrettably, staffing shortages during the 21-22 season did affect our ability to operate Hidden Valley according to schedule. However, the extra capacity will give us the ability to prioritize Hidden Valley over Rampart Chair if needed while still providing access to all terrain at Summit East. We're passionate about improving the Summit East experience and are looking forward to running this new lift to schedule.

Considering our ambitious plans to replace so many lifts this decade, and only so many summers to install them, when the opportunity arose to replace Hidden Valley this summer it was clear we needed to move forward with the order and construction as soon as possible.

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