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Quebec Ski Industry Welcomes Plan to Support Sustainable Mountain Development

New Quebec Government Initiatives

The Quebec Ski Areas Association (ASSQ) is pleased by the announcement of investment in responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives. The ski industry sees this as an opportunity to work with mountain communities to position Quebec as a world leader in sustainable tourism.

"We are pleased that the Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, has unveiled a new program to ensure the responsible development and enhancement of mountain environments, including ski resorts, promoting the sustainable diversification of activities and local supply chains. Known as Plan Montagne, the new government initiative will certainly act as a kick starter for promoting concerted actions by mountain communities and will lead to innovations throughout Quebec," said Yves Juneau, ASSQ’s president and CEO.

"We welcome the collaboration of the various ministries to support the sustainable development of the tourism industry," said Jean-Michel Ryan, president of the board of directors of the ASSQ. "Quebec's mountains are important economic poles for the regions and this government effort demonstrates recognition of the opportunity for this industry to become a leader in sustainable development," continued Mr. Ryan.

About the Quebec Ski Areas Association and the industry

Founded in 1979, the ASSQ is a non-profit organization grouping together Quebec’s ski areas. Its mission is to promote and defend the interests of the ski areas, to foster the development of the next generation, and to support the industry to offer skiers and snowboarders memorable experiences. Skiing and snowboarding is practiced by about 1.4 million Quebecers.

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