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TechnoAlpin TT9 - Excellence at a height of 3.5 meters

TechnoAlpin caused quite a sensation last year with the introduction of the TT10. The world's first real tower gun once again revolutionized standards in snowmaking. There have also been new additions to the TT family this year. The TT9 is following in the footsteps of its big brother, the TT10. Just like the latter, it combines maximum efficiency with unprecedented user-friendliness.
The TT9 turbine is a fine example of TechnoAlpin at its very best. The compressed air cooler with its generous dimensions improves nuclide formation and ensures incredible snow output in the limit temperature range. Individually controllable valves mounted directly on the nozzle ring guarantee optimum efficiency every time with the TT9. Sophisticated discharge by means of compressed air means that even excess water is converted into snow on switching the nozzles. Two ruby inserts in the nucleators ensure optimum snow quality for years to come. The turbine and compressor are driven by just one motor, which significantly reduces servicing requirements.

The turbine is installed on the new tiltable tower, thus forming a single unit. All components are integrated into the tower or turbine. This means that the TT9 is delivered pre-assembled. Simply position it on the base and anchor it in the ski area. This considerably speeds up the installation process. The turbine can be lowered via the tilting column for maintenance purposes, thus allowing all components to be serviced at ground level. The need for a ladder is eliminated, which makes maintenance work not only faster, but above all safer. Installing and maintaining a tower machine has never been easier.

The remarkable turbine coupled with the elevated position on the tower - the turbine core is positioned at a height of 3.5 meters - result in a particularly impressive performance. The TT9 can be individually configured. This reduces the cost of unused features, which puts the TT9 on the market at an extremely attractive price. Optional extras available for the TT9 include a touch display, meteo station, motorized electric swinging function and height adjustment.

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