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Kimberley Alpine Resort: North Star Quad – Rebuild Update

Hello Kimberley Skiers and Riders! With the weather changing and the winter season quickly approaching, we wanted to provide another update on the North Star Quad Chair repair.

The team has been making great progress, and the timeline for opening the chair and starting the ski season is still within range of the normal opening day for Kimberley Alpine Resort as it is expected to be within the third week of December.

Very recently the lift manufacturer ran into some challenges and required additional electronic components to complete the repair. The good news is that these parts have been secured and are on their way with what we are told is a firm delivery date later this month. The installation crews are scheduled to be back on site within hours of these parts arriving and will resume their work to complete the repair and commission the chair.

The lift manufacturer has reaffirmed that they understand the critical importance of the North Star Quad Chair to the operation of the resort, and the importance of it for the economy and the well being of the whole community. There is no question that they are prioritizing our lift within their work schedules and parts assignments, and that they are committed to getting us up and running for this ski season, which we greatly appreciate.

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