| Projects | Future | 2022-12-23

Mount Bohemia: New Triple Chairlift 2023/24

Mount Bohemia is excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Skytrac Lift Corporation( a division of Poma lifts) to install a new triple chairlift. The new lift will replace the current front side chairlift in the same location.

The new lift will be built in three phases with the Bottom terminal being installed next summer followed by the top terminal the following year and then the chairs and towers.

The new bottom terminal will be operational with the current chairlift starting next fall. These build outs have been done by Skytrac all over the country. In a very short time Bohemia will have a completely brand new triple chairlift that will increase uphill capacity by roughly 50%. It will reduce our maintenance season on the new lift to four weeks allowing us to run the new chairlift for scenic lift rides all summer and fall.

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