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Doppelmayr: Energy Saving Tips for Continuous-Movement Ropeways

High energy prices are causing a difficult situation worldwide. A checklist will enable you to reduce the power consumption of your ropeway installation without jeopardizing its operational safety and reliability.


Reducing speed offers the greatest potential for saving energy. At 50 percent rope speed, energy consumption is roughly halved.
Important: Depending on the specific installation, a minimum drive speed may be mandatory to prevent damage to the gear unit.
  • Peak loads
    At the start of operations, ramp up your installations in stages in order to avoid expensive peak loads.
  • Maintenance
    Ensure optimal V-belt tensioning and air pressure in tires in order to minimize slippage and therefore reduce system interventions for carrier spacing and torque support.
  • Loading conveyor
    On days with lower capacity utilization and reduced rope speed, you can dispense with the loading conveyor. Cover it with snow for this purpose
  • Cleanliness
    Keep the cooling ribs on the drive motor clean so that the motor fan can work less.
Heating & Ventilation
  • Ventilation of low-voltage room
    Use windows and access doors for fresh air instead of the ventilation system. Make sure that any access restrictions are nonetheless maintained.
  • Ropeway ventilation
    Open top-hung and sliding windows in the station enclosure to utilize natural convection. This will enable you to avoid the early operation of forced ventilation.
  • Seat heating
    The HMI gives you the option of reducing the heating output when weather conditions and passenger volumes allow.
  • Gutter heating
    When the weather is dry, you can dispense with gutter heating.
  • Conveyor pit heating
    Ensure requirements-based heating in dry weather.
The measures listed here are to be understood as suggestions. They are to be implemented at the responsibility of the lift operator in light of the current, specific conditions on site and in compliance with any local regulations.

Power Diagram for Continuous-Movement Ropeways
The comparison of adjusting rope speed vs. adjusting carrier numbers shows that speed has a significantly higher influence on energy consumption.

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