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TechnoAlpin: Bolbeno relies on Snowfactory Technology

TechnoAlpin's SnowFactory technology is a guarantee in terms of snow production at any air temperature. It was not designed to replace classic snow guns, but rather to act as a supplement to the latter. With this solution it therefore becomes possible to produce snow 24 hours a day, regardless of the local weather conditions.

Even Bolbeno, the lowest slope in Italy at 600 meters above sea level, relies on SnowFactory technology, which this year guarantees a punctual start to the season.

Mayor Giorgio Marchetti: “We are happy that we accepted this request, because being able to always guarantee the service for the ski school on our ski slope in our small town is one of our main objectives.”

With one hundred cubic meters of snow produced per day, the SnowFactory supported traditional snowmaking until it was cold enough for the other snow guns to get working.

"The snow produced by the SnowFactory is beautiful," says the mayor, "it's ground ice, it's like the frost that forms in the refrigerator and then the snowcats get to work on it and it is just like technical snow."

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