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Mt Seymour: New Lodge Chair

Say 'Goodbye' to Lodge Chairlift and 'Hello' to Lodge Chairlift 2.0.

New Lodge Chairlift

It's faster, the chairs can carry four people at a time, and it even has a conveyor to make loading faster and easier. With a 70% capacity increase, compared to the existing Lodge Chair, you're going to have even more good times and less wait times.

We'll be working hard over the summer to get it installed and spinning ready for the 2023/2024 season.

New Lodge Chairlift
Manufacture Doppelmayr
Uphill Capacity 1600/hr
Speed 2.3 meters/sec.
Number of chairs 44
Chair type Fixed Quad
Travel Time 3.2 minutes
Loading Conveyor with loading gates
Towers 7
Motor size 160HP AC Motor

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