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Snowbird Debuts Tram Rooftop Balconies

Anyone over 42 inches tall can ride on the roof of the legendary Snowbird Tram and enjoy unobstructed views of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The first-of-its-kind experience in the United States will cost $20 on top of a tram ticket, which currently runs between $37 and $42. I took a preview ride last night and enjoyed the open views of the carriage, towers and mountains during the trip. In addition to hosting the first public riders on the balconies today, the tram is also carrying the last skiers of the season up Hidden Peak this weekend.

Grouse Mountain in Canada debuted a similar rooftop option on its Garaventa tram in 2016 but it has been closed since Covid. At Snowbird, balconies are certified for up to 14 people but Snowbird plans to start with no more than 11 guests per trip. Riders ascend a staircase within the tram cabin during boarding and stand in a designated L-shaped area while the tram is in motion. Speed and capacity of the tram are limited when the system is in balcony mode. CWA and Garaventa designed a safety gate that is tied into the lift control system to prevent passengers from ascending or descending the staircase while the trip is underway. Cabin operators also have live video feed of the rooftop and Snowbird plans to have an additional operator on the balcony during each trip.

The new balconies, along with glass floor sections, are a summer-only offering and will be removed each winter season. This summer the tram is open 11:00 am to 8:00 pm daily, weather permitting.

Article by Peter Landsman

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