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Mt Hotham and Mt Baw Baw General Managers appointed

Alpine Resorts Victoria is delighted to announce the successful appointment of the General Manager positions at Mt Hotham and Mt Baw Baw resorts.

Lyndsey Jackman, who stepped into the role of Interim Chief Operating Officer at Mt Hotham when Amber Gardner, former CEO of Mt Hotham Resort Management Board, moved into the role of CEO of Alpine Resorts Victoria (ARV), has been appointed General Manager of Mt Hotham.

Mr Jackman brings a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the alpine environment to the role of General Manager Mt Hotham, having held executive roles in Australia and New Zealand managing alpine resort operations.

“Lyndsey has significant experience leading alpine operations through commercial and organisational change, as demonstrated by his leadership for the Mt Hotham team through the initial stages of the transition to Alpine Resorts Victoria,” said Amber Gardner.

“I’m confident he will provide the leadership necessary for meeting the challenges our alpine resorts face now and into the future.”

Josh Last, who was previously Operations Manager – Head of Assets and Operations, at Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort, has been appointed General Manager of Mt Baw Baw.

Mr Last brings his experience of large-scale asset and operational land management to the role, including responsibility for all of the critical resort services at Mt Baw Baw.

“Josh managed Mt Baw Baw operations through the post-bushfire and COVID-19 periods, and his experience supporting his teams through these very challenging periods demonstrates his ability to adapt to the complex requirements presented in the alpine environment,” said Ms Gardner.

The successful appointees were selected after a competitive external recruitment process.

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