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TechnoAlpin: Lance heas replacement - minor change, major impact

TechnoAlpin’s latest snow producers are certainly impressive with high snow output at borderline temperatures coupled with outstanding efficiency. But you don’t always have to replace the entire snow producer per se to benefit from the latest technological advances. In the case of lances, head replacement is a straightforward, cost-effective option. A plus factor for environment and ski area budgets alike.

The head plays a key role in lance performance. So an upgrade to the technological state-of-the-art is a simple and cost-effective step. To make the most of the latest developments, just replace the head - the rest of the lance stays the same. TechnoAlpin will collect the old lance heads. These are mainly produced from aluminum and are fully reintegrated into the value chain.


TechnoAlpin’s new lance heads are particularly impressive at borderline temperatures because of their significantly higher snow output. This is due to a number of development steps taken in recent years. Control stages have been significantly optimized over the entire temperature range - hence the new lances always work at optimum efficiency. Air consumption is better controlled - therefore less energy is needed overall.

The new models generate a substantially higher snow output, significantly shortening the snowing period and optimizing the energy balance at the same time. Energy savings can vary from 35% to 70%, depending on the model.

What’s more, thanks to the new generation lances, snowing can start earlier - a major advantage when deciding whether or not a ski resort can open. In contrast to the older models, which start at a wet bulb temperature of -3.5°C , snow coverage starts at -2.5°C with the new models.

Replace a lance head with little investment and no waste, and reap the following rewards: an optimal CO balance, better snow quality and an earlier start to the season.

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