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Sugarbush Resort: Capital Projects

Capital Projects Update 1: Welcome to The Lodge at Lincoln Peak!

Formerly known as The Sugar Lodge, the new and improved Lodge at Lincoln Peak has received well over $1 million in renovations with 22 freshly refinished rooms and 2 suites. And new last winter, The Black Sheep Bar will be back in the coming months!

Capital Projects Update 2: Evolving Reverse Traverse!

As you might have seen towards the end of last winter, crews have been working hard as we recut Reverse Traverse to give it a more downslope trajectory, eliminating the once dreaded slow traverse from the Valley House Quad over to Heaven’s Gate! In fact, it’s so improved that we will be moving to call the entire length of the trail between the two lifts, Heaven’s Gate Traverse, effectively turning two trails into one for simplicity. But have no fear, we’ll be bringing back an old classic to keep us at our lovely 111 trails. More on that soon. 

Reverse Traverse is also getting fully equipped with snowmaking for the first time ever! This will allow us a variety of snowmaking and trail opening options in the early season. In total the trail(s) now have 34 hydrants and 4,000 feet of snowmaking pipe between water and air.

Capital Projects Update 3: Inverness Snowmaking Upgrades!

Next up on our list of multi-million dollar capital investments we’re making this off-season are upgrades to the snowmaking system on Inverness! New pumps that have been installed at the Mt Ellen pond pumphouse will allow us to pump over 2,000 gallons of water per minute to the trail! That means we’ll be able to finish snowmaking on Inverness earlier in the season, which will allow us to move to other areas of the mountain & open the rest of Mt Ellen earlier than in years past!
Inverness Project Stats:
  • 20,000 feet of new pipe
  • Air & water hydrants on both sides of the trail. Over 100 in total.
  • 40 new HKD KLiK tower snow guns
  • 2 new valve stations

Capital Projects Update 4: Have you ever seen a groomer without the tracks? Well, now you have!

As part of our ongoing capital projects this summer, we’ve purchased 3 new snowcats from PRINOTH - Snow Groomers & PistenBully to add to our grooming fleet, including a brand new winch cat for grooming steeper terrain! 
So, just to recap - we’ve recut Reverse Traverse & added snowmaking, completely renovated The Lodge at Lincoln Peak, upgraded our snowmaking capacity on Inverness, added 3 new snowcats to our grooming fleet, and we’re still not done yet!

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