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Mountaincart: can be used in almost any destination

For more and more ropeways, Mountaincarts are proving to be the decisive corner stone of a profitable and promising summer business. Due to their flexibility, they can be used almost anywhere, despite initial hurdles.

In many places, thousands of additional guests who decide to visit the ropeway explicitly because of the Mountaincarts, several 10,000 downhill rides season after season for ticket prices usually between 10 and 20 Euros (only for the downhill ride, plus ropeway ticket) - these are often the pleasing key data of the ropeways that offer the Mountaincarts to their guests in rental operation. So it's no wonder that numerous destinations are asking themselves whether this tried-and-tested fun sport attraction can also be implemented in an uncomplicated manner at their facilities. The answer is almost always "yes".

Test point 1: Downhill course

With about 150 Mountaincart rental stations already in existence, a wide variety of local conditions have meanwhile proven suitable for the Mountaincarts - including short track lengths of a few 100m to over 10km as well as flat downhill tracks with a few % gradient to over 20% or even steeper. Thanks to the special design of the Mountaincarts, this is also easily manageable for a family-focused guest audience. And the Mountaincart is also very versatile in terms of surface conditions. Gravel roads or natural trails usually do not need to be prepared too elaborately thanks to the suspension properties, and in some places a downhill run across the meadow has also proven to be a good choice for the rental start.

If the track is shared with other track users such as hikers or agricultural or forestry traffic, technical or organizational solutions have become established in practice that allow safe and profitable rental operations.

Test point 2: Uphill transport

For practically every type of ropeway, tried and tested practical solutions are now available for transporting not only guests but also Mountaincarts safely and efficiently uphill. Rental operators also benefit from the unrivalled low weight of the Mountaincarts of only approx. 20 kg, which makes the handling of the equipment in daily operation much easier.

If a ropeway is not yet available, interested operators have other alternative transport options at their disposal, e.g. with a vehicle and trailer or by means of an ATV/quad.

Checkpoint 3: available resources

Due to years of technical optimization on the Mountaincart itself and the development of best practice processes for rental operations, this family-friendly guest attraction can be operated in a particularly personnel-friendly manner.

Interested ropeway operators have the opportunity for a risk-free and budget-friendly start. After an extensive test, rental operators can initially rent the Mountaincarts without obligation, e.g. for one season. In the event of a later purchase, a large part of the rental payments will be credited. Such a "soft start" not only generates positive cash flow right from the start, but also allows all stakeholders to see the potential of a Mountaincart rental for themselves in practice.

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