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Spotlio AS confirms the operational integration of its European and US businesses

Spotlio AS (the “Company”, Euronext Growth Oslo), previously named Canopy Holdings AS, confirms the operational integration of its wholly owned European and US businesses represented by the two main brands of Spotlio and Catalate, respectively. The integrated operations, which will be marketed to customers under the consolidated banner of Spotlio, will redefine destination digital technology and herald a new era of cutting-edge solutions for the ski resort, parks, and attractions sector. This transformative collaboration solidifies our commitment to excellence in the industry and enhances millions of guest experiences.

The combined operations provide for integration of capabilities across a diverse portfolio, enabling Spotlio to connect resorts and attractions with consumers in the most efficient way possible. Seamlessly incorporating demand-based Dynamic Pricing and e-commerce solutions across various platforms, ranging from web to mobile apps, removes the obstacles hindering the provision of a rewarding omnichannel customer experience. This enhancement not only fosters increased customer loyalty but also effectively addresses the prevailing pain points experienced by park and attractions operators on a global scale.
The combined operations are uniquely positioned within the ticketed attraction industry with an array of offerings also including Mobile Apps that boast an exceptional average rating of 4.6 across over 37,000 reviews, Interactive Maps encompassing over 2,500 resorts worldwide, and new intuitive features like mobile ski pass. Notably, the Skitude community app for mountain skiers further complements the portfolio. With a global presence reflected in team members' spanning continents, the Company is poised to redefine the standards of technological innovation for resorts and attractions. 

Boasting an impressive track record spanning over a decade, Spotlio has emerged as the forefront provider of white-label digital solutions for destinations. Noteworthy customers include globally recognized resorts such as Aspen Snowmass, Vail Resorts, and Crans Montana. Catalate, renowned for its expertise in dynamic pricing services and e-commerce, has achieved remarkable milestones, having facilitated more than USD 1 billion in online sales across the parks and attractions landscape.

The strategic importance of supporting customers through a network of partnerships cannot be overstated. Spotlio and Catalate, through their combined strengths, have fostered valuable collaborations with industry leaders such as Inntopia, Skidata, Axess, JB Concepts, and Aspenware, among others. These partnerships are instrumental in bolstering service offerings, driving innovation, and ensuring that Spotlio delivers the most comprehensive solutions in destination digital technology. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of technology partners, Spotlio is better equipped to contribute to the evolution of the resorts, parks, and attractions sectors.

In a strategic move to transform the business, the focus remains on strengthening competitiveness, delivering sustainable growth, and maintaining the path to profitability. As part of this strategy, will be discontinued as a brand, and in this regard the Company will also consider divesting This decision further reflects our commitment to streamline operations and align resources with long-term vision and goals. The discontinuation of will enable Spotlio to enhance operational efficiency, bolster core offerings, and ultimately deliver greater value to clients and stakeholders.

"Today marks a pivotal moment in our journey," stated Christian Erlandson, Group CEO at Spotlio. "The union of Spotlio and Catalate ignites an era of limitless possibilities, where our collective expertise will reshape the landscape of destination digital technology."

The rebranding of the combined operations under the consolidated brand of Spotlio, as well as the name change of the parent company from Canopy Holdings AS to Spotlio AS, signify the harmonization of vision and a shared commitment to delivering unmatched value to clients worldwide. This strategic alignment sets the stage for a future characterized by innovation, growth, and transformative experiences.

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