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HKD Snowmakers received the prestigious President's Award

The HKD Snowmakers plant in Boischatel, Quebec, Canada, received the prestigious President's Award. This annual event recognizes the work and success of some local companies.

HKD wins THE award of the evening.

HKD demonstrates a remarkable commitment to innovation and continuous product improvement. Our significant investments in research and development are aimed at increasing the efficiency of our products and reducing their energy consumption, while meeting consumer expectations in terms of sustainability. 

The company encourages its employees to come up with innovative ideas and push back the boundaries of creativity. This mentality fosters the company's agility, enabling us to adjust quickly to market changes and seize new opportunities.

HKD's continued expansion has created new jobs and expanded professional opportunities in the region. Our company offers quality jobs, supported by competitive compensation policies, attractive benefits and professional development opportunities. By investing in the development of our employees, HKD contributes to strengthening the economic and social fabric of the community.

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