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Leitner: Scandinavia kicks off the ski season with full ropeway power

LEITNER provides more comfort and less energy consumption in the Nordic countries with seven new installations 

Six ski resorts in Sweden, Norway and Finland are relying on modern ropeway technologies from LEITNER this year. The company has gained a positive reputation over the past years for its reliable and professional work, as well as its modern and high-quality components, which are more cutting-edge than ever before. 

In the Norwegian Alpinecenter Hafjell, LEITNER has once again collaborated with the operators to build a new 6-seater chairlift, the CD6C "Vidsynexpressen". The ropeway will have a transport capacity of 2,600 people per hour and will be equipped with Premium Chairs EVO including comfort padding, seat heating, weather bubbles, and vertical oscillation dampers - a popular feature in northern Europe due to the windy conditions. 

In the Norwegian ski resort of Hemsedal, operator Skistar is once again relying on LEITNER's proven work for the coming season. In addition to the completion of the SL1 "Parkheis" surface lift, the CD6C "Lodge X" 6-seater chairlift will now raise the total capacity by an additional 3,000 people per hour. Equipped with LEITNER DirectDrive, Premium Chairs EVO with comfort padding and weather bubbles the system brings modern transport comfort to the versatile area with its 44 kilometers of slopes. 

In neighbouring Sweden the skiresort Järvsö also planned to invest in a new 6-seater chairlift. Due to the high level of satisfaction with LEITNER in 2018 they decided to go with the exact same design for their new CD6 “Västexpressen”. The family-oriented ski resorts new chairlift will have a final transport capacity of 2,600 people per hour using 50 chairs. 

A new platter lift from LEITNER is starting the upcoming season in the central Swedish ski resort of Idre Himmelfjäll. Following extensive modernisation and expansion of the resort in 2019, the SL1 "Polaris 2" is now the tenth transport opportunity with a capacity of almost 800 people per hour. 

Following last year’s installation of a 6-seater chairlift in one of Scandinavia’s largest ski resorts, LEITNER is currently constructing a new year-round surface lift in Åre, the SL2 "Sadelliften". With the help of LEITNER's partner easyloopsystem, an ingenious system for transporting bikes ensures that different types of bikes can be quickly and conveniently transported uphill by attaching and detaching them with a single movement. 

Finland’s first 8-seater chairlift with an impressive transport capacity of up to 4,000 people per hour is being built by LEITNER in the Ruka ski resort. The location, which is primarily known as a center for Nordic disciplines, also boasts the longest ski season in the country and surprises with its varied offer for skiers, snowboarders and freestylers, despite the small difference in altitude. The 8-seater CD8C "Masto III" chairlift, designed for year-round operation including bike transport, will be launched here for the coming winter season. The technically sophisticated installation with Premium Chairs EVO including vertical oscillation dampers was completed within an exceptional timeline of just five months. In order to achieve a particularly compact design with no additional building for garaging, LEITNER implemented a combined system with two integrated storage rails in the bottom station.

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