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Perisher Ski Resort: Hire Manager Allan Rowson leaves after an incredible 43 years

Hire Manager Allan Rowson leaves Perisher today after an incredible 43 years working for the resort in the equipment hire department – first as a seasonal then permanent member of the team. He became the manager two decades ago and received the first-ever Vail Resorts Australia Epic Service Award, earning him a trip to America and Employee of the Year recognition.

According to Perisher’s Operations Director Michael Fearnside, who has been there with him on his journey, he’s “someone who has been really right for Perisher. He’s always had the company at his heart, and the guest at the forefront.”

Michael says Al was the champion of the guest experience before people were talking about it and he has always gone out of his way to genuinely make a difference. In doing this, he’s built-up lasting bonds and friendships not only with staff but with guests as well.

"Combined with his two brothers, David and Mick, the three have made massive contributions," says Michael, "to both Perisher and to the local community.”

“I would not change my journey as the friendships I have with the Perisher family is of the highest level,” says Al Rowson. “Thank you for an amazing 43 years.”

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