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Bluewood Announces High-Speed Quad to Take Center Stage in 24/25 Upgrades

Dayton, Washington – Bluewood, a mountain resort known for its pristine ski slopes, highly regarded tree skiing and family friendly vibe, is thrilled to announce the replacement of their fixed-grip triple chair, Skyline Express, with a High-Speed detachable Quad. In addition to the replacement of Skyline Express, Bluewood will be installing base area snowmaking infrastructure to address early season snow variability and provide a more predictable opening date each winter. These upgrades signify Bluewood’s continued commitment to year-round offerings and elevated guest experience.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the purchase of a high-speed quad for Bluewood. This new chair will greatly decrease seat time and increase ride time on the hill, providing a much more enjoyable day on the mountain. We’re eager to welcome our longtime locals and new riders alike to share in the incredible Bluewood experience. This is a fantastic milestone for our resort and community.” Said Buck Lewis, VP and spokesperson for the Bluewood Ownership Group.

Replacement of Skyline Express with High-Speed Detachable Quad

The centerpiece of Bluewood's 24/25 upgrades is the installation of a High-Speed detachable Quad to replace the current Skyline Express fixed-grip triple chair. Currently under contract, Bluewood will begin breaking ground for the installation in April 2025 after the consummation of the 24/25 winter season.

“It’s been a longtime goal for Bluewood’s Ownership Group to secure a detachable high-speed quad. The new lift is the tipping point for Bluewood, enabling us to move forward with the proposed 2021 Master Development Plan. This will allow us to activate; Summer Mtn Biking, A wedding and event venue at the top of the mountain, overnight stays and a whole host of other activities out of the base area. It’s truly a special time to be part of a massive team that’s building out a vision, ultimately providing strength to not only Bluewood but the surrounding communities as well.” Said Bluewood’s General Manager, Pete Korfiatis.

A testament to collaborative efforts, Bluewood extends sincere gratitude to the U.S. Forest Service and all other Government Agencies for their invaluable knowledge and guidance throughout this endeavor. Their support and cooperation have been instrumental in navigating the regulatory landscape, enabling Bluewood to progress toward realizing this transformative list of upgrades.

“Bluewood is a longstanding, treasured resource for winter recreation in our region. We are excited to work with Bluewood management as they take these critical steps to modernize the ski area and continue providing a high-quality experience for the public. For the Umatilla National Forest, being a good neighbor to our surrounding communities means making sure they have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Forest and all the benefits it can provide.” said Walla Walla District Ranger, Johnny Collin.

Installation of Base Area Snowmaking Infrastructure

In preparation for the upcoming winter seasons, Bluewood is set to install a comprehensive base area snowmaking system during the fall of 2024. This strategic initiative is designed to tackle one of the challenges of Bluewood’s base area elevation.

Bluewood’s General Manager, Peter Korfiatis “Often, in the early season we see the snowline 50-100ft above the base area. This proposed system will enable us to produce snow during the November cold streak and create a base depth that we can ride even on the thin years such as the one we just faced.”

This infrastructure would help ensure a reliable and timely opening date each year.

With the completion of environmental work scheduled for this summer, and funding for the infrastructure already being successfully secured, this upgrade will kickstart Bluewood's transformation and commitment to enhancing the rider's experience.

About Bluewood

Nestled in the heart of the Umatilla National Forest, Bluewood is a premier ski and mountain resort known for its exceptional snow quality, diverse terrain, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. Committed to sustainability and community, Bluewood strives to offer unforgettable memories that inspire a lifelong passion for the outdoors.

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