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Skiresort Schnepfenried heralds four-season operation together with Sunkid

"Le Schnepf", as the outdoor destination Schnepfenried in the heart of the French Vosges is affectionately known, will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2023. Having already opened a high ropes course ten years ago, the 130-meter-long summer tubing track now makes it possible to "attract new customers and [...] retain our staff. It is the continuation of the development of the summer share," explains Nicolas Buhl, one of the managers of the station Le Schnepf.

So that young and old alike can experience fun, 15 tubes in each of two different sizes (small and medium) are available for rent. These are designed in the corporate design of "Le Schnepf" and show next to the logo all possible summer and winter activities of the area. The Tube EVO model scores here with its firm and very slippery plastic bottom, the robust and water-resistant textile cover and the softly padded inside including printed safety rules.

With a new Sunkid Moving Carpet including Evolus gallery roofing, "Le Schnepf" has invested in both summer and winter operations. Passengers, including sports and leisure equipment, can enjoy a protected ascent, whatever the weather - thanks to roofing of both the entire conveyor belt and the entry and exit areas. Five cameras monitor safe transportation. Furthermore, easy-to-open emergency exits with sliding side doors and emergency stop switches inside the gallery increase safety for everyone.

When not in use - for example, during bad weather or at night - hinged doors at the lower and upper ends of the gallery secure the lift system. The double doors (aluminum-polycarbonate construction) can be opened 270 and lock in the end positions. Optionally, service personnel can lock them when closed. By widening the canopy, the drive station and electrical Control box also find space in the light-flooded Evolus-M gallery.

After a relaxed and speedy ascent (up to 0.7 m/s), nothing stands in the way of an adrenaline-pumping descent: on a 130-meter-long "Tubby Evolution" synthetic track with five high-speed banked curves. But don't worry: Passenger safety is a top priority here, too, with foam mats seamlessly attached to the outside of the curves and placed at the curve entrances and exits, as well as brake mats at the end of the track.

In general, the tubing plastic mats used can be used flexibly all year round and offer a wide variety of possibilities - tailored to the respective environment. Thus, there are hardly any limits to the creativity for the design of tubing tracks. This is proven by other implemented projects with ski jumps, tunnels including sound integration as well as various individual track layouts.

Sunkid and its French sales partner Caratech would like to thank and congratulate the customer "Le Schnepf" for the realized expansion of the year-round operation and wish an all-time fast and safe tubing pleasure.


  • Use-case: Feeder
  • Length: 117 m
  • Beltwidth: 750 mm
  • Surface: Blue Eye
  • Propulsion: 11 kW
  • max. Speed: 0.7 m/sec
  • Gallery: Yes
  • Features: Gallery Evolus M

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