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Doppelmayr USA: expansion of headquarters

Doppelmayr USA is excited to announce the expansion of its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the next two years, the ropeway expert will construct a new facility including office, production and warehousing spaces, creating new jobs in the region. This expansion is in response to the high demand in the ropeway industry and represents a significant investment in the future.

As ski resorts across the USA continue to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure to enhance guest experience, including new ropeways, the facility expansion positions Doppelmayr USA to better meet the growing demands of the thriving North American ropeway market. The new facility, set to nearly double the size of the current building, will feature approximately 120,000 square feet of indoor production and warehouse space, 68,000 square feet of covered outdoor space, and a 40,000 square foot office and training facility. Conveniently located near the airport in the heart of Salt Lake City, the new facility will be directly east of the existing headquarters.

Historic milestone

This historic milestone for Doppelmayr shows the company’s commitment to strengthen its North American position. Expanding the Salt Lake City site will allow Doppelmayr USA to take an even larger role in manufacturing and help to accommodate a rapidly growing workforce. Gerhard Gassner, Doppelmayr Group Managing Director, explains: “Our employees do an outstanding job to complete all our ropeways on time and to the highest standards. However, we urgently need more space for production and warehousing, and, above all, more employees in order to meet these demands in the future.”

Doppelmayr’s legacy in North America

Katharina Schmitz, President of Doppelmayr USA, adds: “The current facility has served us well for over 20 years, but we are bursting at the seams. The new facility will be a state-of-the art manufacturing facility where we will continue to design and produce the highest quality ropeway systems in North America. We are excited to expand our production capabilities and our workforce and continue Doppelmayr’s legacy of building ropeways in Salt Lake City.”

With this investment, Doppelmayr looks forward to leading the ropeway market for years to come and is proud to expand on its successes in the North American market. Architecture and engineering designs for the new facility are currently being developed. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2025, with the target to be producing out of the new facility by mid-2026.

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