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Brennerstraße 34
39049 Sterzing

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Company profile

LEITNER ropeways is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ropeway systems. It offers high-tech solutions, innovative design, top quality, and functionality, thus paving the way for convenient and environmentally friendly passenger transport.  The company provides technological excellence worldwide in all kinds of areas of application, ranging from winter sports through to urban passenger Transport.

LEITNER ropeways is part of the High Technology Industries (HTI) Group, which also includes the brands PRINOTH (snow groomers and tracked utility vehicles), DEMACLENKO (snow making systems), POMA (passenger ropeways), AGUDIO (material ropeways), LEITWIND (wind power plants) and MINIMETRO (cable-hauled railway vehicles). The divisions of LEITNER ropeways are Winter Sports, Tourism, Urban Passenger Transport, and Material Transport. The headquarters of the company, which was founded in 1888, are in Vipiteno (BZ), South Tyrol/Italy. Ropeway production sites are located in Italy, Austria, France, Slovakia, the USA and China.

Products and Services

LEITNER ropeways’ product range includes detachable gondola and chairlifts as well as aerial tramways, funicular ropeways, material ropeways, inclined elevators, and fixed-grip ski lifts.

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