Details of the company DEMACLENKO GmbH
Michel-Seeber Straße 1
6410 Telfs

Phone: +43 (0) 5262 62 121
Fax: +43 (0) 5262 62 121 3400
Company profile

DEMACLENKO, with 50+ years of tradition and expertise, is aiming to be the market leader in advanced and reliable snowmaking systems. Tomorrow's snow comes from DEMACLENKO - two internationally established snowmaking specialists which bundle together their technological know-how under the umbrella of the Leitner Group. DEMACLENKO has strong locations in Europe, North America and Asia and supplies its customers all over the world with innovative system solutions for snowmaking - from planning through to the installation of each turn-key system - individually and professionally. DEMACLENKO offers the complete range of snowmaking machines. From lances to low- and multi nozzle fan guns, thereby making sure the customer has got the optimal choice of products for the entire resort.

Products and Services

DEMACLENKO offers a complete range of low- and multi nozzle fan guns, low energy lances as well as all the equipment and services needed to make the machines work. For example: Pits, Pipes, Cables, Pumping stations, Cooling towers and water storage. To make all this work DEMACLENKO provides Engineering services for the complete design, installation and start up of your new snow-making system. The system is controlled through the software SnowWis - where you can run everything automatically. Last but not least, DEMACLENKO will assure your system runs smoothly year after year with regular service and maintenance from our field engineers.

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