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Company profile

Our profession is the staging of Experiences

We were the first Austrian enterprise to concentrate on the design of adventure trails. We now benefit from considerable experience in the conception and realization of Experience worlds which bring enjoyment to people of all ages. The numerous projects, educational visits, courses, lectures and publications that we have accomplished have earned us our customers’ trust. Thanks to this, we have become the market leader in Austria.

Creative planning and specialist construction skills from one provider

Our company’s product range has expanded dramatically over time. Our core competencies lie in the staging of Experiences for all ages and consumer groups. We use these skills to plan exhibitions, fitness and Nordic Walking trails, theme parks and viewing platforms. We have also established ourselves as providers of summer and winter tourism concepts, assisting our customers from the initial idea to the opening of the Experience, and beyond.

Modern adventure-based education is exciting

Do you want to inspire your guests and to make your centre the region’s strongest attraction? We offer all the necessary skills for developing a successful attraction in the tourism and Experience sectors. Throughout the process from initial idea to realisation of a project, many specialist areas of detail have to be considered. pronatour is a skilled and flexible working partner who can deliver all your needs….

  • Tourism consultancy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project conception
  • Design
  • Outline planning
  • Production
  • Implementation

Products and Services

Adventure trails
Adventure trails are a way of communicating a specific local theme to visitors - in a modern and engaging mannner. Instead of traditional information points, the adventure trails planned by pronatour feature interactive stations and emotive activities which enthuse both children and adults.

Theme parks
We use a comprehensive analysis of location with regard to requirements, target groups, topics etc, to create the basis of a successful Experience world. We are keen that our creations should not be detached or artificial. Our projects are sympathetically adapted to the individual location and region. Today’s public values the authentic far more than the contrived spectacle.

Viewing platforms
The architecture of a platform can be so distinctive as to render it a landmark – which is an excellent way of attracting visitors. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed when special features, such as glass floors, waterfalls, nets and seats are incorporated at relative stages.

Fitness and Nordic Walking trails
pronatour’s fitness trails are varied and interesting alternatives to simple running or walking tracks. Movement, exercise stations and expert information are a winning combination which makes a trail enticing to the jogger or walker.

A special exhibition is the perfect stage on which to spotlight your theme or your message. Special exhibitions designed by pronatour foreground an interactive way of learning which excites curiosity. The visitor is caught up by unusual and thought-provoking combinations of elements.


"Six Senses" – Enjoy Serfaus with all your senses
In Serfaus (Tirol), there is a new dimension to discovering nature: On the Six Senses adventure trail, walkers experience a world of impressions, illusions and extra-sensory phenomena. Exciting stations along the way and special features suggest a new appreciation of one's surroundings - using sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. And then there is our sixth sense – reaching out to the boundaries of perception.

News on viewing platforms: The coral is open
Another chapter is added to the success story of the pronatour project in the Triassic Park in Waidring: The spectacular viewing platform "Coral" is adorning the skies, carrying up to 300 people at a time. There are three types of surface to walk on, depending on your frame of mind or fear of heights – each with its own thrill. This is pronatour´s second platform following the "5fingers". The Alpspix in Garmisch Partenkirchen will be the next one.


See our Project Book at – a selected list of references you will find here …

Project development

  • Master plan Zugspitze (Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG, DE)
  • Master plan Verbund destinations Malta, Reisseck, Kaprun, Schlegeis (AT)
  • Staging of Experinces Lötschental (Wiler/CH)
  • Master plan Rossweid (Sörenberg/CH)
  • Staging of Experiences Hochkar (AT)
  • Theme parks Jeddah (SA)
  • Feasibility study Borowetz (BG)
  • Feasibility study Craiova (RO)

Adventure trails

  • „Six Senses“ – Path of Pleasure (Serfaus, AT)
  • „9-Erlebnis“ – Erlebnisweg am Neunerköpfle (Tannheim, AT)
  • Smuggler trail Schattwald-Oberjoch (Bayern/D, Tirol/A)
  • Butterfly trail (Großgmain, A)
  • Golmi´s discovery trail (Schruns-Tschagguns, AT)
  • Hennerweg, National park Thayatal (Hardegg, AT)

Viewing platforms

  • 5fingers , World Heritage Region Hallstatt-Dachstein (Krippenstein, AT)
  • Skywalk Kölnbreinstaumauer (Malta, AT)
  • The Coral, Triassic Park (Steinplatte Waidring, AT)
  • AlspiX (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bayern/D)
  • Welterbespirale, World Heritage Region Hallstatt-Dachstein (Krippenstein, AT)

Theme parks

  • Triassic Park (Steinplatte Waidring, AT)
  • Bärenbachl Water World Bärenbachl (Steinach am Brenner, AT)
  • „Ica Age“ (Tannheim, AT)
  • Treetop trail (Waldkirch, DE)

Fitness and Nordic Walking trails

  • Marlies Schild Fitness-Trail (Dienten, AT)
  • Fitness- & Wellness Trail Bärnkopf (Bärnkopf, AT)


  • Triassic Park (Steinplatte Waidring, AT)
  • Hunderwasser trail (Spittelau, AT)
  • Diversity means life – life means diversity (Touring exhibition, AT)
  • Salt Steppe Centre (Zwingendorf, AT)
  • „Of bear and men“ (Touring exhibition, AT)
  • Earth campaign (Klosterneuburg, AT)