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IMMOOS cable carriages full steam ahead!

Swiss rescue specialist IMMOOS has expanded its product range once again: the more powerful drives for self-propelled cable carriages will be presented alongside other innovations at MOUNTAIN PLANET in Grenoble.

The self-propelled cable carriages from IMMOOS are extremely popular in the cable car industry and there are now over 2000 in use. Only recently, IMMOOS launched a new model on the market: the SS20 AWD. This was designed mainly for applications with greater stress and for travelling up mountains.

The SS20 AWD is even more hard-wearing than the other models and has better traction on the cable, which results in better transmission of the power from an external drive to the cable. In turn, this means more economical operation.

It is not only the cable carriages that are subject to continuous optimisation; IMMOOS is also innovative with drives and invests a great deal of time and money in the development of new products. As well as the classic drive using a cordless drill/screwdriver, the 4-stroke motor drive has proven itself over many years. However, as a result of the ever-greater demands, the motor was increasingly reaching the limits of its performance.

IMMOOS therefore developed an electric motor, which meets significantly higher demands and thanks to a more powerful battery displays a range that is many times greater. For slightly smaller demands, IMMOOS offers a cheaper alternative with an enhanced cordless angle drill, which can be flange-mounted on the cable carriage.

Nonetheless, the most important criterion safety must not be neglected amid the ever-growing demands. This is why IMMOOS has also developed a new type of safety brake, which can be (retro) fitted on cable carriages and running gear for additional safety. The safety brake is designed for use mainly on long and steep cable sections and for moving passengers along the cable, when working with no redundancy.

IMMOOS will present and introduce this and other innovations at the MOUNTAIN PLANET specialist trade fair in Grenoble. The Swiss rescue specialist will therefore stand out once again with innovations and its usual high quality.

Images: Copyright Immoos

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