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Inauguration of the first Bartholet 10-passenger gondola lift in Narvik

On 21st February 2019, a new Bartholet 10-seater gondola lift was inaugurated in the Norwegian port of Narvik. The facility is the first Bartholet 10-passenger gondola lift on the one hand and on the other hand the first ropeway ever built by the Swiss manufacturer in Scandinavia. 

Narvik is located in the north of Norway and is known for its mild climate thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. The often clear weather makes it possible to see the unique northern lights with a high probability. The city of Narvik is a candidate for the 2027 Alpine Ski World Championships and will host the Junior World Championships in 2020. On 21st February, the first 10-passenger gondola lift from Bartholet was opened in Narvik. The project in the far north is for the Swiss ropeway manufacturer also the first installation in whole Scandinavia. The gondola lift takes skiers, pedestrians and bicycles up to the top and of course is wheelchair-accessible. The region will benefit from the new versatile ropeway throughout the whole year. 

The design made the difference 
Not least thanks to the unique "Design by Porsche Design Studio" of the comfortable cabins, Bartholet was able to assert itself against its competitors and win the tender. But not only visually, but also technically the installation offers special features. For example, the ski holders are integrated inside the gondola. The doors were developed specially for Narvik and its new design makes it easier and safer for guests to get on and off the gondola. The windows of the gondolas are made of laminated safety glass, offering passengers maximum comfort and are also less susceptible to scratches. 

The investment 
The new 10-passenger gondola lift replaces an existing group lift on a new route. Due to the increased conveying capacity from 350 to 1450 persons per hour and the high wind stability of the new gondola lift, the investment was considered as necessary. The city of Narvik is already planning the construction of a second ropeway, which will connect the city and the ski area. Furthermore, it will serve as an urban cable car to relieve urban traffic as well as a feeder to a new housing estate. This long-term planning makes it clear that the city wants to offer the entire population and tourism a great opportunity to make the fascinating landscape better accessible as a local recreation area. If the utilization of the gondola lift with 1450 persons per hour is reaching its limits, there would be the possibility of integrating more vehicles and expanding it to a 2400 persons per hour. 

The line 
In connection with the further planning a hotel complex and a new residential area with specially designed holiday houses will be built at the middle station Skistua (current valley station of the gondola lift). From there the guests can take the gondola directly to the Narvikfjellet viewing platform. When the lower first section is also finished, the tourists of this gondola lift can also go directly to the city centre. 

Technical data 

Commissioning: 2019 
Installation type: Gondola lift with 10-passenger gondolas in the 
"Design by Porsche Design Studio 
Valley station: 220 m above sea level. 
Top station: 659 m above sea level. 
Vertical rise: 439 m 
Inclined length: 1'171 m 
Number of vehicles: 23 (extension: 38) 
Number of towers: 8 pcs. 
Driving speed: 6 m/s 
Capacity: 1'450 pers. /h (2'400 pers./h) 
Travel time: 4 min 41 s 
Drive power: 653 kW 
Grip system: detachable 
Rope: 52 mm 
Control system: Nidec 

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