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TechnoAlpin ATASSpro: Precision control system for efficient snow-making operations

After years of sustained innovation, TechnoAlpin, the leader in snowmaking technology has once again set new standards in its field. May 20 saw the curtain lifted on the new software for the efficient and intelligent control of snowmaking systems: ATASSpro. ATASSpro is based on the experience gathered from the tried and tested control systems Liberty and ATASSplus and combines all their advantages. At the same time, the functions have been radically updated and brought into line with modern software engineering. ATASSpro therefore combines foolproof and familiar with new and original. Simplicity with singularity.

Using ATASSpro is easier than ever. Even without prior knowledge of other snowmaking software, the user can quickly gain access to the main functions thanks to the intuitive operation. There is a completely new interface providing a clear display of all the main features, and the user management facility allows the view to be customized for each individual user. The integration of cameras and webcams not only enables a full overview but also increases operational safety.

The snowmaking process is started automatically as soon as the conditions are right thanks to the aptly named SnowProcess feature. ATASSpro adapts the snowmaking parameters to the prevailing conditions and resources, distributing the water in the ski area to optimum effect. ATASSpro also delivers large volumes of data which serve as a wide-ranging basis for decisions, such as improved weather forecast and precise evaluations of the snowmaking season, making it easy to plan, manage and decide.

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