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Le Massif: First Employee Housing

Le Massif de Charlevoix is pleased to announce the construction of its very first employee accommodation, a necessary step in becoming even more attractive in terms of recruitment. The building will be ready to welcome new employees in December 2022, right on the mountain.

A first building of 59 rooms

The building located at the base of the mountain will include 14 turnkey units of 4 bedrooms each and one of 3 bedrooms. Each unit will be equipped with a kitchen, living room, and full bathroom for 3 or 4 individual rooms. The units will serve as comfortable temporary housing for both families and individuals while employees explore the area and relocate.
A mountain community at the foot of the slopes

With the objective of alleviating the labour shortage, Le Massif de Charlevoix wishes to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a mountain community. In this first project, a common space will be set up in the building to encourage sharing and the creation of links between everyone. 

"We are putting everything in place to increase our attractiveness: better salaries, on-site housing, benefits for employees and international recruitment.  Our growth will only be possible if we have dedicated and happy employees," says Nicolas Racine, Vice President and General Manager, Groupe Le Massif. 

Until the delivery of this first project on Le Massif's territory, 14 rooms are currently available for the mountain's new employees in the heart of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François village at Auberge La Courtepointe. 
International Recruitment in Fast Track Mode

Le Massif is fortunate to be able to count on its partner Club Med, which is accustomed to recruiting people from all over the world, to assist in its international recruitment. Just last week, Le Massif signed 16 contracts for Mexico. This has become a necessary measure to hire employees in certain sectors where it is very difficult to recruit.

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