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Fredrik Biehl appointed as the new CEO of Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB

As CEO of Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB Peter Strandberg has been responsible for almost 100 ropeway projects in Sweden and Norway. Since 2004, he has shaped the Scandinavian ropeway market together with his team; by the end of 2022 he will be retiring. Doppelmayr appointed Fredrik Biehl to be the new CEO of Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB. Fredrik Biehl is well respected in the Scandinavian ropeway business and a former Doppelmayr employee. 

Doppelmayr/Garaventa has become a trusted partner in Sweden and Norway when it comes to realizing modern ropeways installations. In the past years, particularly special installations for Point of Interest application have developed even more popularity. A key person in this achievement is Peter Strandberg, who joined the Group in 2004 as CEO of Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB. He and his team have completed roughly 100 installations since then. “Not two projects are alike and they all have their own story, which I will always remember. But of course, some of them stick out,” so Peter Strandberg. “One of those is our completely unique gondola lift in Kolmården's safari park – a crazy idea, many experts probably thought at first. But this project became a showcase cable car, having five curves and crossing itself. Completely unique and a technical breakthrough.” Loen Skylift, Tromsø–Fjellheisen, Fløibanen, Romsdalsgondolen and Ulriksbanen are only a few examples of the latest POI installations in Norway that add value to the guest experience of local and international guests. 

At the end of 2022, Peter Strandberg is retiring. Doppelmayr appointed Fredrik Biehl to be Peter’s successor as CEO of Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB. Fredrik Biehl is well known to the local ropeway industry. From 1997 to 2003 he was part of the Doppelmayr team in Wolfurt, where he gathered valuable experience in project management in the international sales department, including design and cost calculation of ropeways – focussing on the Scandinavian market. After a brief employment at Dala Lift AB, where he added supporting fitters on construction sites to his skill set, he started his own company Alpinpoolen AB in 2004. Ever since he has been working with various resorts across Scandinavia. “To me, Doppelmayr stands for high quality in product, know-how and partnership. It is my goal to follow these values, to personally be a reliable partner to our clients and to create innovative solutions for them – customized to their small and big dreams”, Fredrik Biehl said. 
Peter Strandberg sums up: “In all these years, I have enjoyed working with very talented colleagues not only in Sweden, but also in Austria, Switzerland and internationally. They all took pride in caring for and helping our customers throughout the product life cycle together. I am confident that my successor will continue this work and take the business to the next level; and become an even better partner for our Scandinavian customers.” 

On January 1, 2023 a new chapter will start for Fredrik Biehl as CEO of Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB. 

Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB 
  • Founded in 2004 (former Dala Lift AB) 
  • Head count: 9 staff members in Sweden, 1 in Norway 
  • Core markets: Sweden and Norway 
  • Scope of business: Full service including surveys, pre-engineering, sales, project management, after sales including spare parts management and service 

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