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Rezoning approved for Whistler Blackcomb's Glacier 8 staff housing project

Council approves subdivision of lands and rezoning enroute to 66-unit development for resorts largest employer; development permit next step

The subdivision and rezoning needed for Whistler Blackcomb to develop its eighth Glacier Lane employee housing apartment complex is complete.

Tuesday evening, Council approved changes on a land parcel located at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, where the new six-storey, 66-unit employee apartment complex is proposed.

“Affordable employee housing is critical for our community’s success—both today and for the future—and a core tenant of our Official Community Plan. As the town’s largest employer, Whistler Blackcomb can have a major impact with this project, and I am heartened by their commitment to the community and our vision for a more sustainable future,” says Jack Crompton.

Nestled between parking lot six and seven on Blackcomb at 4800-4814 Glacier Lane, the building will be 100 per cent employee restricted housing and subject to rental rate stipulations. Development and building permits will be needed before it is possible to break ground.

"We are excited that the Glacier 8 housing project is moving forward. Housing availability is essential for the sustainability and viability of our community, and the partnership between Whistler Blackcomb and the RMOW has been critical in reaching this milestone," said Geoff Buchheister, Whistler Blackcomb COO. "Affordable housing for both Whistler Blackcomb employees and the broader community is a top priority, and we remain committed to our ongoing collaboration to ensure we collectively make progress towards these goals."

In addition to adding housing for the resort’s largest employer, the project will also provide funding for transit. As part of this step, Whistler Blackcomb will make a $1.08M contribution toward transit, reducing vehicle volume on the roads and assisting with the RMOW’s climate action goals.

 The building will also be subject to the RMOW’s green building covenant, consistent with the objectives and goals of the RMOW’s G-23 Green Building Policy.

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